The Campbell Firm PLLC is pleased to provide a special program for low-income individuals accused of violating one or more criminal statutes under New York State or federal law. Fees are proportionate to the client’s ability to pay.

The Second Legal OpinionSM program is designed for persons accused of crimes, who are self-represented or currently being represented by other counsel, including court-appointed counsel, and who wish to have a second opinion given to them about their legal rights and defense strategy. As desired by the client and subject to the Firm’s other commitments for low-income and indigent defendant representation, the Firm may become substitute counsel for the accused and represent that individual to seek a dismissal, enter a plea or try the case before a judge or jury, as appropriate.

The rates for this program are affordable and depend upon the income of the client; they are well-below standard hourly rates for attorneys practicing in New York with the skills of the Firm’s attorneys and are well below the Firm’s normal hourly rates.

In order to apply for this special program, those seeking services must have a reference from rabbi, priest, minister or other similar reference and an employer, school or similar reference and must sign an engagement letter covering the scope of representation. Fees for legal services rendered and for applicable expenses are payable to the Firm in immediately available funds, and the Firm accepts all major credit cards.

For more information and to apply for this programs, please contact the Firm.