General Commercial Litigation Matters

  • Representation of a multinational technology company in connection with a dispute subject to arbitration before the American Arbitration Association’s International Centre for Dispute Resolution against a printing subcontractor where the contract in question was a multimillion dollar printing services agreement.
  • Representation of commercial real estate brokerage company in a breach of contract action involving a U.K. defendant.
  • Representation of major financial services company in connection with its testimony in a suit based on a failed merger between U.S. and U.K. transportation companies.
  • Representation of minority interest holders in connection with their departure from closely-held company.
  • Representation of e-tailer of the largest selection of picture frames on the Internet in an action concerning services provided by a web design consulting firm.
  • Representation of architectural firm in a variety of contract disputes, including failure of owners to pay for architectural work.
  • Representation of high net worth individual in an investigation by the State of New York for failure of a company, in which he was a top-level executive, to pay over to the State withholding taxes.
  • Representation of jewelry manufacturer in a suit alleging failure to make payment for semi-precious stones that were allegedly fakes.
  • Representation of high net worth individual in a suit alleging wrongful removal of property from the United States purchased with monies allegedly acquired fraudulently.
  • Representation of major law firm in a legal malpractice action arising out of advice given by its corporate legal department to a company concerning an employee stock option plan.
  • Representation of group of plaintiffs alleging breach of contract against a major newspaper and the promoter of a well-known private sweepstakes.
  • Representation of jewelry manufacturer in a suit alleging breach of contract for failing to pay a finder in connection with an opportunity to sell on a well-known television shopping network.

Intellectual Property and Unfair Competition

  • Representation of an internationally recognized architect in connection with a Lanham Act claim against him for including images in his portfolio of projects he created (with appropriate attribution) while working with his prior company.
  • Representation of travel company in trademark opposition proceeding before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board.
  • Representation of graphic artist in a copyright suit against a major international sports apparel and equipment manufacturer for use of a graphic design as the logo for an international basketball marketing program.
  • Representation of software development company in a dispute with customer concerning a customized software solution.
  • Representation of multi-national clothing retailer in a matter concerning copyright and trademark violations arising out of knock-off merchandise in South America.
  • Representation of major Dutch bank in a matter involving trade secrets.
  • Representation of major retailer in a suit arising out of an alleged misuse of a trademark for wind-proof umbrellas.
  • Representation of minority shareholders in architecture and design firm in connection with their departure from the company.
  • Representation of several companies in matters involving employees leaving to work for competitors and allegedly stealing clients and proprietary information from former employers.


  • Representation of telecommunications company in connection with its severance agreements.
  • Representation of a trucking company in connection with unemployment claim made by employee with health concerns who voluntarily resigned from his position.
  • Representation of financial services company in connection with a New York State Department of Human Rights investigation for alleged sexual harassment.
  • Representation of individual in connection with personal guarantees she provided to credit card issuers to secure her employer’s right to obtain merchant accounts.
  • Representation of Chief Financial Officer in connection with a severance agreement following termination from venture-backed manufacturing company.
  • Representation of senior financial services professional in connection with a severance agreement after departure from a major financial services company.
  • Representation of senior marketing professional in connection with a severance agreement after departure from a major, publicly traded Internet company.
  • Representation of entrepreneur in connection with his departure from a venture-backed company that he founded, including resignation as Chief Executive Officer and from the Board of Directors, as well as a buy-back of a large portion of his founder’s shares by the Company.

Bankruptcy and Creditors’ Rights

  • Representation of major sewing machine company in a bankruptcy matter involving approximately $100 million.
  • Representation of Chief Financial Officer in connection with an audit committee investigation of a venture-backed manufacturing company concerning defaults on loans to multiple lenders.
  • Representation of lender in connection with the disappearance of collateral from a warehouse used to secure a major commercial loan.
  • Representation of major financial institution in a suit against a high-net worth individual in connection with defaults on sums borrowed pursuant to a collar.


  • Representation of major investment bank in a number of investigations by the Securities & Exchange Commission involving the municipal bond industry.
  • Representation of Texas real estate partnerships, which were the target of a hostile tender offer by an infamous investor.
  • Representation of major software company, which was the hostile bidder in a tender offer for another software company.
  • Representation of several companies, including a major Italian company, in securities class actions.
  • Representation of senior financial services professional in connection with non-party subpoena to testify in a major securities class action lawsuit involving his previous employer.

Environmental and Regulatory Matters

  • Representation of major foreign airline in environmental regulatory matters arising from the discharge of pollutants at U.S. airports.
  • Representation of major mining company in an environmental insurance coverage dispute arising out of the company’s activities at an Environmental Protection Agency Superfund site.
  • Representation of national private investigation company in regulatory matters involving licensing of private investigators in a number of states.


  • Representation of major New York public entity in a suit against contractors for failure to complete construction of a public school.
  • Representation of electrical contracting company in connection with a lien placed on major museum by a subcontractor.
  • Representation of engineering firm, which had designed a system to test commercial air-conditioning units for leaks, in a suit involving damage to persons and property at a major manufacturer’s plant.
  • Representation of construction company in a suit brought by a postal worker injured on a construction site.
  • Representation of engineering firm in personal injury suits arising out of repairs to a bridge in New York.
  • Representation of architecture firm in a third party action alleging indemnification and contribution in connection with a major condominium building in New York City.
  • Representation of individual in connection with the review of a contract for renovations to his Manhattan apartment.

Real Estate

  • Representation of couple in connection with the failure of a seller to close on a property that was slated to be combined with another unit in an upscale Upper East Side co-op building.
  • Representation of telecommunications company in connection with a landlord-tenant dispute.
  • Representation of real estate partnership in a dispute with a tenant over a subtenant’s illegal use of the property.
  • Representation of major entertainment company in a dispute with an Israeli bank arising out of the bank’s commercial tenancy.
  • Representation of guests at a Hampton’s home who were alleged to have damaged the property due to failure to properly control the thermostat.
  • Representation of members of a family in a family real estate dispute.

Matrimonial and Family Matters

  • Representation of husband and wife in family law matter involving abusive parent of one of the spouses.
  • Representation of wife in divorce, where chief asset was a manufacturing company in which she and her husband were co-owners.

Civil Rights and Civil Pro Bono

  • Representation of prisoner in an action against the State of New York for violation of his civil rights as a result of deprivation of medical care during his incarceration.
  • Representation of underprivileged woman in an action by her landlord to evict her and her four grandchildren, pursuant to civil forfeiture laws, due to her daughter’s illegal use of drugs on the premises.
  • Representation of North Carolina artist in a suit against a well-established not-for-profit art association arising out of damage to one of his paintings.