In 2012, The Campbell Firm PLLC welcomed Ben Miller to the Firm and expanded its bandwidth in the health care space. Mr. Miller is focused principally on health care-related legal matters. Notably, Mr. Miller is credited with delivering a well-received and important teleconference in the Summer of 2012 entitled “Policing Your Prescriptions: Narcotics & The DEA.” The seminar focused on the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration’s stepped up crack-down on medical professionals that violate the law pertaining to controlled prescriptions. The legal requirements associated with writing and filling prescriptions were discussed in the wake of recent high profile cases of prescription abuse, including the Anna Nicole Smith and Michael Jackson deaths. Procedures for identifying drug irregularities, including patients presenting to multiple physicians and obtaining multiple prescriptions for regulated substances, as well as fraudulent prescription pad use were also discussed. Civil liability and criminal penalties were discussed, and strategies for dealing with any inquiries by the DEA or other government officials were suggested. Mr. Miller is preparing additional teleconferences for 2014.