Emily Campbell was honored with an appointment as an Adjunct Professor of Law at New York Law School, beginning in the Fall of 2004.  Each semester she teaches one course; that course is Drafting Contracts, a practical class that gives second- and third-year law students the opportunity to prepare and negotiate four contracts based on real-world situations.  She’s now in her third year of teaching.

Ms. Campbell’s experience and skills as a draftsman were recognized by New York Law School with this appointment.  With a focus on commercial contracts, Ms. Campbell has exposed students to employment and severance agreements, real estate brokerage agreements and publishing agreements – to name just a few.

“Teaching is very rewarding,” said Ms. Campbell.  “The students are bright, and I’ve had students attribute getting jobs to the information they learned in my class.  One student, in particular, told New York Law School that he had to do a short drafting exercise to obtain an entertainment position with a major studio in Los Angeles, and that without my course, he doesn’t think he would have gotten the job.”

Ms. Campbell likes having an impact on students’ lives.  “Teaching is an extension of what I do through my practice, and it gives me a great deal of personal satisfaction.”