Columbia University’s M.B.A. program has welcomed Emily Campbell as a periodic guest lecturer on The Law For Entrepreneurs.  In addition to lecturing, Ms. Campbell participates in several programs with Columbia’s Lang Center for Entrepreneurship, where students and alumni are offered mentoring by professionals, including Ms. Campbell, through the “Sounding Board” and where students’ business plans are evaluated through its “Greenhouse”.

“Columbia is really an amazing institution.  Exposing students to professionals in venture capital, law and business at the highest levels is invaluable so that these students can hit the ground running with their entrepreneurial ventures after they have completed their education,” Ms. Campbell said.  “Some of the students’ businesses are even funded by Columbia University itself.”

Asked how she finds the time to participate in this activity, Ms. Campbell said:  “Professors Murray Low and Clifford Schorer have welcomed me with open arms into the fold.  They recognize my commitment to sharing my knowledge with others and giving something back to New York, where most of the students at least initially start their business, and they allow me to volunteer my time with the program.  Occasionally, some students or alums become clients of the Firm, but my involvement is much more about the impact that I can have at the formative stages of these future entrepreneurs’ careers.  Anything else is just a plus.”