The Campbell Firm PLLC assists the next generation of lawyers through its Mentoring Program. The Firm’s principal, Emily Campbell, sets aside time for mentoring newly admitted and transitioning graduates, who often need to have a more experienced attorney co-counsel with them, so that they can continue to build their professional skills as they service clients, as well as law students.

For Newly Admitted and Transitioning Attorneys: Co-Counseling

Newly admitted and transitioning attorneys sometimes need to have another attorney help them with the representation that they have been engaged to fulfill. Perhaps they need more training than what they learned in law school. Perhaps the volume of work demands another set of hands. Perhaps they simply want another pair of eyes to guide them.

If you are a newly admitted attorney or a transitioning attorney and believe that you could benefit by having a more experienced attorney work with you on a particular matter or otherwise assist you in your professional development, you should inquire about this mentoring program. The Firm’s principal, Emily Campbell, sets aside several hours each week to assist newly admitted and transitioning attorneys with issues that arise during their representation of clients and strategizing about growing their practices so that they can bridge the gap from law school to working effectively to service their clients’ needs. For more information about mentoring, please contact the Firm.

For Law Students: Tutoring

Grades count, and law students often benefit from tutoring in a variety of ways:

  • Issue Spotting
  • Reading Cases Efficiently
  • Outlining Skills
  • Exam Preparation
  • Time Management for Studying/Exam Taking
  • Writing Memoranda/Briefs
  • Oral Advocacy
  • Client Counseling
  • Writing Papers for Seminars
  • Interview Techniques/Career Strategy

Getting help when a person needs it is a sign of great strength and foresight. If you are a law student and need assistance with any of these areas or other help toward your educational and professional success, you should contact the Firm. This Firm sets aside several hours each week to assist law students with building legal skills so they can succeed in law school and ultimately meet the challenges of the legal workplace. Individual tutoring sessions take place at the Firm’s office in Midtower Manhattan.  Sessions are typically 45 to 60 minutes in duration. For more information about tutoring, please contact the Firm.