We are please to announce that for 2016, our Firm’s website has a new look-and-feel. The new lay-out is more user-friendly and attractive.

In this new lay-out, the Firm is now highlighting six core practice areas: Business and Entrepreneurship, Intellectual Property, Litigation, Health Care, Criminal and Civil Rights.

“We decided to separately identify Health Care and Civil Rights from the other general areas of Business and Entrepreneurship and Litigation, because they are worth spotlighting,” Emily Campbell, the Firm’s Managing Member said. The Firm has continued to grow its Health Care practice, not only with the representation of health care professionals, but also with the representation of health care technology companies.

In addition, the Firm has continued to expand its reach in the civil rights arena as a natural outgrowth of its criminal practice. “Working with clients to seek redress for civil rights violations that we see occurring was only a natural step in the work we do to address people’s constitutional rights,” Ms. Campbell said.

The relaunch of the firm’s website in Februray 2016 highlights New York scenery in the background. “This Firm is clearly a New York firm”, said Ms. Campbell. “We are proud of our client base in New York, but this Firm’s reach, like that of New York itself, extends beyond this island. We have clients in other states, and indeed, our international client-base and clients doing international deals continues to grow.”

The Firm is pleased to be working with Elizabeth Dyer of BCO out of Atlanta, GA, who has helped develop the new look-and-feel of the website and is responsible for making it more user-friendly, including making more accessible the social-media components, such as the Firm’s YouTube Channel, which it hopes to develop more fully in 2016. “It’ll be much easier for clients, prospective clients and other visitors to the Firm’s website to navigate,” Ms. Campbell remarked.

The Firm’s helpful legal tips, for example, found in the Entrepreneur Center is now searchable, so that those using it can more readily find articles of interest on law and business topics. “This new format will enable the Firm to have a more robust presence on the web. Like all websites, it is designed to inform those who visit the site who we are and what we stand for,” Ms. Campbell said. “I am very proud of the new website, and I am grateful, as we approach our 14th anniversary, that we are able to do this relaunch with so many great years serving clients already in our history, and hopefully, with many years to look forward to ahead.”