The  Firm’s Health Care practice has evolved from representing not only health care professionals, but also health care technology companies. The Firm’s Health Care practice touches not only on corporate governance and litigation advice, but involves employment, intellectual property, contracts, health care privacy regulations, and even criminal advice when compliance with Medicaid, Medicare and insurance reimbursement standards are at issue.

Our clients who are medical professionals have included physicians, physical therapists and pharmacists. We work with health care professionals just recently graduated to very experienced health care professionals forming a new practice or becoming a member of a hospital staff and/or academic faculty.

Attorneys in the Firm’s Business and Entrepreneurship Practice, Litigation Practice and Criminal Practice collaborate to advise clients on a myriad of legal issues facing health care providers and health care technology companies. Some of our work includes advising on business formation; corporate law and corporate governance; shareholders’ rights, limited liability and partnership agreements; buy-sell agreements; contracts; compliance issues (including investigations by insurance companies and governmental authorities); employment issues; and HIPAA and other privacy issues.