Attorneys practicing with The Campbell Firm PLLC are dedicated to providing the Firm’s clients with superior legal services. Well-qualified by education and training, they understand that team effort is the means by which clients’ goals are accomplished.

The Firm may grow, consistent with clients’ needs, in both size and location. Attorneys may join the Firm as Members, Counsel or Associates, depending on their academic qualifications and experience, as well as the Firm’s needs.

The Firm is interested in well-qualified legal talent and welcomes the opportunity to speak with attorneys whose practice experience is consistent with the Firm’s six core practice areas. The Firm is especially interested in attorneys who have demonstrated excellence in areas complementary to their practice of law, including attorneys who have advanced degrees, those who have demonstrated a commitment to the profession and community through bar association and charitable activities and those who have business experience, which is often helpful in advising clients that require practical solutions to legal challenges.

The Firm also considers qualified paralegals and administrative staff to be valuable contributors to the Firm’s success. From time to time, the Firm may have a need for such qualified persons to work with the Firm and welcomes applications from such persons.

The Campbell Firm PLLC is an Equal Opportunity Employer. The Firm offers equal opportunity for employment and advancement to men and women of ability without regard to race, gender, color, religion, ancestry, sexual orientation, age, disability, national origin or marital, parental or veteran status.

In addition to its own attorneys, the Firm is pleased to work strategically with Project Attorneys on some matters. The Firm maintains relationships with solo practitioners and small law firms to provide support to the Firm’s clients on a project basis, when needed. Such Project Attorneys generally have a direct relationship with the client. The Firm welcomes the expansion of its network to include more attorneys that can provide valuable support to the Firm’s clients within this framework.

Attorneys and others interested in exploring opportunities with the Firm should contact the Firm.